Author: Ronnie Lopez
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Is Rent Reporting Worth it?

Rent payment reporting is a valuable tool for tenants looking to build credit and for landlords to attract and retain loyal renters. But is rent reporting worth it for both parties? Here’s what tenants and landlords should know about rent reporting.

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The Pros of Renting vs. Owning

Real estate and home ownership continue to be hot topics of conversation among young adults and families alike. The “American Dream” has long been associated with owning a home, and the benefits of renting are often overlooked.

What is Needed for a Rental Application?

Having a place of your own is perhaps every person’s dream. Renting your first apartment or house can be exciting.

Can You Use a Credit Card to Pay Rent?

Credit cards are a convenient way to pay for commodities. They can save you the hassle of writing checks or carrying around cash.