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How Rent Reporting Benefits Property Managers
Investing in the financial well-being of your residents is a proven win-win for property management companies. Studies reveal residents are more likely to choose a community that offers rental reporting over one that doesn’t. Plus, it motivates them to make on-time payments and helps reduce evictions.

Some of the largest property management companies in the country include Resident-Link in their amenity packages to:

  • Generate Ancillary Income
  • Incentivize On-Time Rent Payments
  • Reduce Evictions
  • Attract More Responsible Tenants
Why Property Managers Should Choose Us
Years of research and development have led to Resident-Link becoming one of the most highly recommended service providers in the industry.
Unlike other rental reporting companies, our service seamlessly integrates with most property management software systems. This simplifies the enrollment process and avoids disruption to your current payment flow. Plus, we take care of the program administration for you.

  • Use Your Current Payment System
  • No Setup Fees or Recurring Costs
  • Ongoing Marketing Support
  • Superior Customer Service

The Positive Impact of Rental Reporting
Of Renters Prefer Rental Reporting Communities
Source: TransUnion
More Likely to Pay Rent on Time
Source: TransUnion
Of renters see rent reporting as a good way to build credit
Source: Credit Builders Alliance

Integrates Easily with Most Software Systems
California Law
Your SB-1157 Compliance Solution
California Senate Bill 1157 went into effect July 1, 2021, and requires operators of assisted housing developments in California to offer residents the option of reporting rental payments to a consumer reporting agency. Numerous California property management companies use us for quick and easy compliance with SB-1157.
  • Resident-Link SB-1157 Guide
  • Direct Mail Service for Tenant
  • Notification
  • FCRA Compliant


Resident-Link has been such a great tool for our residents.
Denise, Community Manager
With Resident-Link my score went up 56 points! This is awesome.
Leslie, Renter
They saved my wealth and security from fraud attackers, and give me peace of mind.
Jack, Renter

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Source: Credit Builders Alliance